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Your Gardening Hobby Can Earn $4000/Month.

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Your Gardening Hobby Can Earn $4000/Month.

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Your Gardening Hobby Can Earn $4000/Month.

WANTED ALL Plant Lovers And Gardening Enthusiasts

R.H.S. Medal Winning Plantsman Reveals A Easy, Simple Way To Turn Your Gardening Hobby Into A Part Time Income Of $500 to $1000 Per Week

Best Of All, You Get To Play With Your Plants A Few Hours A Day Giving You A Perfect Lifestyle Business

If you are interested in earning a part time or even full time income from your gardening hobby, then this will be the most important message you read this year.

I will be straight with you right from the start. If you want to be a millionaire by next year, you may as well throw this in the rubbish bin now, and try something else. If you want to have the perfect work life balance, doing something you love please read on. I may just have some information for you which will literally change your life.

Rather than going to the office,

Imagine spending your day with plants

If you're like me, you probably love plants. They are your passion. There is nothing you would rather be doing than gardening, taking cuttings and watching young plants start to grow in spring. This is a wonderful feeling. Just spending time around living plants is enough to relieve the stress, modern living fills our body and mind with. Imagine being able to feel like this every day, without working at the office. This would improve your life, am I right?

I know how it feels to work with plants. I have spent the past 20 years of my life growing and selling them. In that time I have done most jobs that involve plants. Gardening, Landscape Design, Mail Order, you name it, I have done it.

But I also know the frustration of doing something you don't enjoy. Just over 10 years ago, I had to leave my family's nursery business. I had worked there since I left school, but I had been struggling to get on with my father. In 1997 I decided to get a job doing something else. Anything else would do, as long as I was not involved with plants.

I got a good job in a bank. The first month was great. I had a new job with interesting people, and I even got to look smart every day. The second month was OK, but the novelty was wearing thin. The following 3 months were terrible and I realised how stressful modern working life is. I hated it. I had to swollow my pride and call my father, I really wanted to return to the nursery.

This was easier than I had thought, He wanted me back. Even better he offered me a partnership. This was the real start of my love affair with plants and life in general.

Over the next few years the business grew, we were able to cut back on the least profitable side of the business, which was the landscape side, and concentrate on growing and selling plants. This is where 91% of our profits came from.

Last year I was looking on Amazon for a new book or two. I buy lots of books from Amazon, mainly about plants.

Anyway I started looking for books to help people start a horticultural business. To my shock there was only a couple of books on the subject.

It was decent, but it only covered landscaping. Landscaping is a good business model , but as I mentioned above it is definitely NOT where the majority of money is made. Also it does not involve growing plants, which to me is the magical part of this business.

Then I started on market research. I did some targeted surveys and asked people like you, what would make them happy in their life and careers. I also asked what information they would require to set up their own business involving plants.

The answers were interesting, 80% of people seemed to want the business I had. They did not want a landscape business, where their client was boss. They wanted to work when they wanted. Grow what they wanted, and ultimately have control of their life. They wanted to have the choice of starting early and finishing at lunchtime. Or they just wanted to work when the kids are at school.

Everyone I Talked To Seems To Want The Perfect Lifestyle Business

Surprisingly, most people who took my survey did not put earning millions as their number one goal. What they wanted most was freedom. Not financial freedom, this was a close second. They wanted 'Time Freedom'. They wanted to work the hours which suited them, whilst still earning descent money.

For the next 6 months I sat with this idea in my head. I could not make up my mind. Was letting people in on my closely guarded secrets a good idea. There was another slight problem. I am not the best writer in the world, or even in my household. I think my 6 year old daughter is better on a keyboard than me. Could I really write a book?

Well there is only one way to find out, write the book. Its the only way people are going to get this incredible lifestyle business they seem to crave. Anyway after 3 months of writing and editing, I am there, Finished. Even better I want you to be one of the 1000 people who I am going to help create your perfect lifestyle business this year.

In addition, for fast movers I have also included some great bonuses. The bonuses alone are worth 20 times the price of the e-book. It is even possible to have e-mail support from me.

Start Part-Time, Then As You Get More Confident,

Quit Your Job And Go full Time.

Start Tomorrow, Try a New Lifestyle.

Control Your own Destiny.

Live Your Dream. .......visit our website for complete details..

Website Link: Click here for complete details on Your Gardening Hobby Can Earn $4000/Month..

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Your Gardening Hobby Can Earn $4000/Month.

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1.  Discover How You Can Turn Your Love Of Organic Gardening Into An Exciting, Profitable Business!
2.  Your Gardening Hobby Can Earn $4000/Month.

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1.  Discover How You Can Turn Your Love Of Organic Gardening Into An Exciting, Profitable Business!
2.  Your Gardening Hobby Can Earn $4000/Month.




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