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Turn Your Computer Skills Into Cash

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Turn Your Computer Skills Into Cash

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Turn Your Computer Skills Into Cash

From Near Bankruptcy To Earning Over $200 Per Hour...

Highly Paid Consultant Reveals How To Turn Your Computer Skill Into $200 Per Hour

Discover The Step-by-Step System That Turned An Unqualified Debt Ridden Failure Into A World-Class Super-Successful Computer Consultant! Read Below For Juicy Details On How You Can Pick The Brains of This Money Making Genius.

Ever wondered how to make serious money with your computer skills?

So did I - but it took me a long long time to find the secret formula that led to me more than quadrupling the earnings of my previous full time job.

Now there's a brand new easy-to-follow complete startup kit showing you exactly how to make a fortune from running your own computer consultancy.

Please be sure about one thing...this is a real business opportunity, with people from all over the world enjoying substantial rewards, without even buying any of my instructional material! It is not a Get-Rich-Quick scam but something real that you can verify for yourself.

It is not a here-today-gone-tomorrow type of scheme, as I can testify to the number of successful individuals running their own computer related businesses for many years. So if you have ever considered entering the computer industry, I urge you to give it serious thought.

This industry is packed full of opportunities for those with both good or just average computer skills. And my new manual shows you exactly how to turn your computer skills into an income most only dream of. Or, if you are already an IT consultant, you can learn trade secrets about increasing your rate, growing your client bank and bringing home far more cash than your current expectations dictate.

And I'll tell you what to do with no hype, no exaggeration, just realistic practical know-how.

I'll tell you...

• How to start with no money and no experience - just like I did

• How I got 70 hours per week of business inside 6 weeks and how you can too

• The 27 secret tools I used to earn more in less time with the minimum possible hassle

• How I've earned $300 for 10 minutes work, $1280 for 2.5 hours work, $2,888 for 7 hours work and $3,040 for 20 hours work

• How to get $20,000 of Microsoft products for under $500, perfectly legally!

• What I did, what I charged, how I got my clients, how I kept my clients, everything. I spill it all - no stone is left unturned.

But let me make one thing clear - ignore what anybody else tells you about getting into the IT industry. When I was 28, I approached a computer agency asking if there were any jobs I could fill. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that unless I had previous experience I was wasting my (and their) time. And to top it all off, he said "You're getting a bit old to change career into this industry." The cheek of it!

This really dampened my enthusiasm for the computer industry. I figured this guy must be right because he recruits IT people and therefore knows the industry back-to-front.

I couldn't have been further from the truth. The guy was talking total rubbish. Maybe I lacked experience to walk straight into a well paid employed computer position but there was nothing stopping me from starting up on my own.

I Did What They Said I Couldn't Do

And It Was Easy!

They couldn't stop me from:

• Starting my own computer consultancy with a $3 investment (I already owned a computer)

• Turning around my dire financial position with high earning paychecks and clients hungry for my help

• Enjoying the fruits of my success, including choosing when to work, with whom, on what project and on what basis

At last it was ME who was shaping my destiny, not some boss who I resented and the whole corrupt structure of where I worked. At last I was free!

The thought of it scared me but it was also exciting. This was something I always wanted to do. Being in control of my own destiny appealed to me no end. And I hated my boss pushing me around all the time.

Introducing The Instant Computer Consultant Startup Kit...

So, after over 10 years experience I thought it was time to condense my know-how into a fact packed manual. And here it is.

You can now learn the real-life proven tactics that deliver results, straight from my own experience.

My Startup Kit reveals all you need to know to start, grow and succeed as a highly paid computer consultant.

Delve into the previously confidential workings of an effective business, where I even go into some of my billable rates and costs. No one gives the level of detail that I go into.

So Why Start Your Own Computer Consulting Business?

Consider the benefits:

• The pay is phenomenal!

• You decide when to work, how much holiday to take each year and who you like working with

• There is a never ending supply of work (if you apply my techniques)

• As technology changes, more opportunities are created so future prospects are excellent. This is known as the "Technology Gap".

• You are treated with respect by your clients and enjoy a high status lifestyle

• You can start to afford the lifestyle that goes with a high income

I know of no other industry that has such .......visit our website for complete details..

Website Link: Click here for complete details on Turn Your Computer Skills Into Cash.

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Turn Your Computer Skills Into Cash

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