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The Sweet Truth - Confessions and Strategies from a Vending Insider

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The Sweet Truth - Confessions and Strategies from a Vending Insider

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The Sweet Truth - Confessions and Strategies from a Vending Insider

Isn't it about time you learned The Sweet Truth... About the Bulk Candy Vending Business?

My name is Zopito DiGiovanni. I operate a large vending route of approximately 500 bulk candy machines. I make a good living from this, and I only work two weeks out of every month. How is this possible? Read on for more details...

If you're considering the bulk candy vending business, or if you are in the business already, you can't afford NOT to buy this book!!!

Are you tired of all the "fluff" vending ebooks out there with little to no technical information? So am I. I've read several other ebooks on bulk candy vending, just to find they were filled with generalizations and "fluff". Not to mention double spaced and printed in a 14point font! This book is more than 50 pages of detailed information in PDF format. It is single spaced in a 12point font.

I'm not trying to impress you or sell you a whole bunch of stuff. I'm just going to tell it to you like it is. You may not like everything I have to say, but I'm not trying to get you to like me. I'm dedicated to providing you with the most detailed and most accurate information that you will find about the bulk candy vending business. This book will provide you with a look at the business from an insider's perspective.

In one bulk candy book that I read, the author even said "I won't bore you with the details" several times in several sections of the books. (I'm not mentioning names here...) That made me upset. I felt ripped off. I wanted the details. That is why I bought the book in the first place! When I got started, I bought several books and audio programs on bulk candy vending that claimed to tell all there was to know about the business. SURPRISE! They were filled with unrealistic income projections, generalizations, and such a lack of detail that I questioned weather the authors REALLY made money in the bulk candy business or more likely, if it was just a hobby for them.

Even though I did all the research I could before getting into the business, I was not prepared. I had to learn the hard way.

This book will save you thousands of dollars and pay for itself many times over. I would have gladly paid several hundred dollars for this information when I got started... but it hasn't been available until NOW!

Learn The Sweet Truth about the bulk candy vending business:

• what vending machine dealers don't want you to know

• what locating companies don't want you to know

• what other vendors don't want you to know

• how much money you can expect to make

• how often you will need to service your machines

• how to keep accurate records of your route

• how to deal with customer service

• why most vendors get out of the business within the first few months

• how to run your business so you can make the most money for the least time investment

• how to buy and sell routes

• how to get the best deals on equipment

• how to squeeze the most money out of every location

• how to effectively deal with and eliminate competition

• how to effectively deal with greedy location owners


• spreadsheets for detailed tracking of your route

• spreadsheets for comparing the profit margin of different types of candy

• contracts to use when buying or selling a route

The beautiful thing is that you don't have to learn all this the hard way like I did. The majority of the information in this book cannot be found anywhere else. I've optimized my route so that I am making more money per machine than the industry average and I am spending less time than other people I know in the business.

How much should you pay for vending machines? Expect to spend $300 each if you go to any of the big companies and buy them new. I've bought the same machines and I regularly pay $25-$50 for a triple-head vending machine. I have never paid more than $50 and I would not pay more. This business just doesn't make financial sense if you spend that much on equipment. I will explain where to look for these deals.

I know someone in the business with a route the same size as mine, and he is always running behind and can't even find the time to talk on the phone. I have lots of time to spare, and I will explain exactly how I was able to optimize my route to make this possible.

Because of this, you can't afford NOT to apply the techniques I describe in this book! .......visit our website for complete details..

Website Link: Click here for complete details on The Sweet Truth - Confessions and Strategies from a Vending Insider.

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The Sweet Truth - Confessions and Strategies from a Vending Insider

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