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The Best Home Based Business in Australia Today!

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The Best Home Based Business in Australia Today!

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Good, Decent, Honest, Hard-Working Men & Women Who Are Frustrated With “Silly”, “Hype-Filled” And Downright “Ludicrous” Opportunity Offers, But Would Be Willing To Work If Given A REAL Chance To Create An Outstanding Full-Time Income Working Part-Time Hours, In WhatMay Just Be The World’s Most SIMPLE, Yet INGENIOUS Business.

My name is Myriam. I’m a mother of three who started this business with no experience and built it up, to turn over $85,000 a year, working only hours that suited me and my children. It happens to be a very simple business that just about anybody, both men and women, can do easily from the comfort of their own home.

Forget The Silly Business Opportunity… Here’s Some Good Old-Fashioned Common Sense.

In the past years, before I decided to tell my story, I answered a lot of ‘opportunity ads’. I wanted to investigate what was out there for people who wanted to be their own boss and work from home. Well, I’ve got to tell you, what I discovered shocked me.

You see, most of what I got back was just plain silly. I mean, how gullible do these people think I am? I got information on making millions on the Internet. Multi-Level Marketers told me how easy it was to make a million and Mail Order “Gurus” told me how how I’ll be making at least $30,000 a month! ( sounds familiar?)

Is There Anything ‘REAL’ You Can Do To Be Your Own Boss And Make Good Money?

You know, I was encouraged by all this drivel that I received. Because I realised just how valuable my business really was. But before I tell you exactly how you can cash in with this ‘secret business’ I want to make it clear what this business is NOT.

And then it hit me.

Call it fate; call it destiny, maybe even karma, whatever it was, it didn’t matter … all I knew was THIS WAS IT! Sitting down one night watching TV up popped the opportunity I had been waiting for.

The show was all about this mob was getting paid to track down superannuation for people willing to share the bounty. These guys found the money, returned it to the rightful owner, and took a cut of the money found! Just brilliant! And the best part is that everybody is happy. I don’t know where it came from, but I had this feeling, this total conviction that I could do even better.

I soon discovered this opportunity was even BIGGER than I imagined.

It’s like going on a treasure hunt… but instead of having just one map, you’ve got dozens!

There’s money everywhere (if you know where to look)! Yup we are talking about Billions of Dollars!

I thought if I could just find a fraction of this money I could be RICH!

My blood was up. Here was my escape route from the dreaded nine-to-five. This was my ticket to freedom! So what did I do? I decided to start my own Recovery Business! I just dove straight in and starting swimming (or floundering as it turned out to be).

You see, the more I dug, the better it got and the bigger my grin was getting. I had hit the JACKPOT; the mother load … all I had to do was fill in the gaps. (Little did I realise what was ahead.)

The People “In The Know” Don’t Want To Share Their Secrets!

“Well duh,” you might say. “Of course they’re not going to tell you their secrets.”

And you’re right. I was a green back then … trying to figure it all out for myself… so, I just had this naïve thought that maybe, just maybe they’ll want to play fair and share all the juicy secrets with me.

How wrong I was!

Look, in Australia, there aren’t too many people who specialise in unrecovered funds. And those that do aren’t going to sit you down and spill the beans. (But I am!) Just doesn’t work that way. (I soon figured this out.) They’ve been doing this for years “on the quiet.”

Anyway, so I took a few wrong turns and hit a lot of dead-ends along the way. My learning curve was a long one. And I’ve got to admit, the first twelve months I struggled getting all the bugs out and getting my systems in place. But I was making some money and I was determined to succeed. After that, it was child’s play. I knew what to look for and I knew where to find it. That’s when it got easy.

It’s the ultimate FREEDOM business!

This business gave me time to stay at home with my children and work only the hours that suited me. And I didn’t need to leave my house to make an income. Just a little bit of detective work was all that was required and I had made my money.

And when I say work I don’t mean slugging it out on the nine-to-five bandwagon.

No. It means hopping on my computer, making some phone calls, posting a few letters and then banking the cash.

Once I had all the bugs ironed out and I had my systems in place, it was dead easy.

And the best part?

It’s the FREEDOM. I never work more than twenty hours a week… I have all that extra time with my children. I got to share those precious moments with my son, got to be there as he took his first steps … I was there when he said “Mummy” for the first time … I was there when he needed me! And I can’t tell you just how good that feels!

I am going to set up a limited number of sincerely dedicated people in a business… virtually identical to mine!

You get the systems, my personal coaching and every single document you need so you can cash-in BIG with this opportunity. (And I’ll even let you pay a good chunk of your set-up fees later … only after you’ve made a PROFIT.)

Request your FREE Information pack using the Express Link below

Warm Regards,

Myriam Borg

Mother of three and creator of ‘The Recovery Consulting Programme’

P.S. Only 20 applicants will be accepted at this time! Avoid disappointment and call NOW to register you interest.

Express Link: Click Here To Visit Our Website.

For further information use the contact details below*:
Name: Myriam Borg
Mobile: Visit our Website!
Phone: www.cre8recovery.com Send us an Email!
Fax: Send us a Private Message!
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