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Stress-Free And Profitable Fund Raising.

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Stress-Free And Profitable Fund Raising.

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Stress-Free And Profitable Fund Raising.

Fed up with sagging donations? Here's help ...

Who Else Wants To Discover The Fastest, Cheapest Way To Unleash A Flood Of Donations, Using My Proven System? But Hurry Now's The Time To Take Advantage Of Our Low Introductory Rate

I've got good news. If your fundraising results have been something less than dramatic, and the thought of the next fundraiser is driving you up the wall, then the following could be the most eye-opening thing you will ever read.

You see, I have spent many months of long hours, late nights and weekends collecting more than 150 of the jealously-guarded secrets professional fundraisers use to create a flood of donations. I read books. I interviewed experts. I hunted high and low for the best, most up-to-date information. I've put what I learned into an ebook, Stress-Free (& Profitable) Fundraising.

My purpose? To take the stress out of your fundraising, and make it much more profitable at the same time.

I know what it's like trying to take time out from your crazy schedule to raise funds. You pull your hair out trying to get ready. dread the thought of having to come up with another direct mail letter. And trying to corral volunteers? That's like trying to round up a herd of stampeding cattle after a lightning strike. Nobody's available and all you hear is excuses. A lot of the time, you end up doing most or all of the work yourself.

Not to mention all the decisions you have to make. Do we sell the same products we did last year? How do I replace (Judy or Jack) who used to organize all of this for me, but who has moved to another city? Where did I put that folder with the results from last year's fundraiser? And on and on.

You run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to keep everybody motivated and making sure everything gets done right. And what does it get you? Frazzled nerves and an Extra Strength Excedrin headache. And not always the appreciation you deserve.

Introducing Stress-Free (And Profitable) Fundraising...

There's got to be another way. And there is. A simple solution. A stress-free solution. A much more profitable solution: Stress-Free (And Profitable) Fundraising.

Picture for a moment the way things could be: You use the notes from your last fundraiser to correct past mistakes. You outline a new plan and things go like clockwork. Volunteers happily perform their assigned tasks, without all the in-fighting. Sure, glitches happen. They almost always do. But you handle them smoothly. And thankfully, funds flow in even better than you expected.

This can be YOUR next fundraising effort when you send for Stress-Free

(And Profitable) Fundraising.

Stress-Free (And Profitable) Fundraising is jam-packed with useful information like:

How to use the proper approach for different types of donors

How to establish the proper goals for your fundraiser

How to make volunteers an offer they can't refuse

Craft a letter that gets more donations

This simple trick can DOUBLE the response to your letters

Do you make these mistakes when you select a mailing list?

What you MUST know if you solicit funds by phone

How to use the Internet to raise money

What are affiliates and how can they lessen your burden?

Here are the products that will get you the most donations

Reputable companies you can use for product offerings

How to make the most of your special event

Tap into millions in grant money

The secret of the "unfundraiser"

Essential checklists you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE to stay on track and raise the most money

If you don't know this secret, your project will be in trouble

The wrong way to appeal to donors (They are not all alike)

How donor wants and needs affect donations

Donors must be in 1 of 4 stages (The stage they are in will determine how much they donate)

Use this secret technique to determine why someone might donate

"Greatest Generation," "Generation X," "Baby Boomers," how to appeal to each group (Most fundraisers get this wrong)

2 basic fundraising approaches; are you using the right one?

Selling vs enticing

How to run a silent auction

What you MUST do after a special event

Do a post mortem on a failed campaign

Secret phrases that raise more donations

Don't make this mistake when seeking donations from college and university alumni (90% of fundraisers do it wrong)

tapping into those who are "forced" to give at work

Use the secret of "push-pull"

What is the "away strategy" and how can it help you raise more money?

Don't miss a single item on this checklist when organizing your fund drive

Common mistakes that kill a fund drive

Essential web sites that will help you get more donations

"People" leaders vs "task" leaders, which is more appropriate? .......visit our website for complete details..

Website Link: Click here for complete details on Stress-Free And Profitable Fund Raising..

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Stress-Free And Profitable Fund Raising.

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