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Start Your Own Kettle Corn Business

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Start Your Own Kettle Corn Business

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Start Your Own Kettle Corn Business

Start Your Own Kettle Corn Business

We'll show you how to be your own boss in an ALL CASH business!

Working together as a team, we've been able to make up to money for kettle corn $200 an hour PROFIT


Just watch our video which an example of an average 6 hour day at one of our busiest locations.

We sell kettle corn for $4 and $6 a bag. (Most of our regulars buy at least 2 bags.)

The Kettle Corn Business Guide

The truth is it took a lot of hard work to get us to that point. It also takes a lot of hard work to make that kind of money on those $200 an hour days. This document will lay out in detail HOW we got to that point, WHAT was needed to create that sort of income and what you need to do to duplicate our success.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. But let me tell you, after a hard days of work, there's nothing like having the satisfaction of counting a pile of money and having that instant gratification for all your efforts. If merely making $50-$75 profit an hour for each of you on an average day while still being your own boss doesn't cut it for you, then you should probably try law school.

Note: if you're planning on doing this with your wife, she'll probably think she's the boss. Just deal with it.

We (Eric and Velma) have been making and selling kettle corn across the east coast in many different events and locations. We've learned the lessons and gained the experience of the kettle corn business the hard way, by actually doing it. We've now created this ebook which shows you how we did it.

"If this is such a great business plan, then why are you selling it to me?"

Kettle corn is a strictly local business. We can't travel all over this country making kettle corn, we've got responsibilities at home too. But everybody can carve out a niche for themselves and get their own customers who will be addicted to your product.

Our customers are literally addicted to kettle corn. We'll show you our recipe and how to make kettle corn that will attract repeat customers for an entire season. You've probably seen the lines form at the kettle corn tent at craft shows and festivals.

The profits per bag are lucrative. The stuff sells itself and we show you how.

Does it sell like hotcakes? SELLS LIKE KETTLE CORN!

We bought your ebook last spring and have been saving to purchase a North Bend set up since. We bought the equipment two weeks ago and had our first gig on Saturday. You know something else I could not imagine? There is no way we could have grossed over $1140 on our very first outing without having your tutelage to go off of. I have read your ebook no less than twice and we've watched your videos so many times that we're probably beginning to skew your web stats ;-)

We just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and Velma for helping us to make the start up of this business venture much easier than it should have been. (David and Elizabeth - Home Front Kettle Corn)

I have read the entire book and found it very entertaining (as is everything you write) and helpful. :)

The neat thing about kettle corn is that, like all businesses, each vendor finds his/her niche and, through trial & error, discovers exactly what works best for them. Our customers are so varied. Some work only a few shows a year and literally profit thousands. Others work their tails off multiple times a week and average much less per event. I just talked to someone a few weeks ago who started in October 08 and has already sold over $80,000 worth of kettle corn! Obviously, this is the exception. Some have incredible retail sales; others find retail a bust. Anyway, we love hearing feedback from everyone.

I can't think of any detail you haven't covered. You've been honest and forthcoming about all your experiences, good and bad. I have no doubt beginning vendors will find the information quite helpful.

And, as I mentioned previously, it's certainly not boring! Experience is the best teacher, and you make a great experienced teacher. All in all, I think any vendor would find it a valuable source of information. The comparison of equipment/supplies/ingredients is very helpful; you've compiled a ton of research. The many photos are interesting and a great visual aid.

Have a great day, (Andrea - North Bend Originals Kettle Corn Equipment, Inc.)

I just wanted to tell you both how informative your website is. My fiance and I purchased your ebook as we are interested in starting our own kettlecorn business. It was so full of information I did not even know. We are still very much in the "information gathering" stage however I know with my "bible" (your ebook) you have given us hope on how to succeed in this business.(Happy Popping, Tabitha and Rob)

This is the best book about owning a Kettle Corn concession to date. It is easy to read and is packed cover to cover with hints and tips that can only be learned from years of popping.

My copy has already paid for itself by helping me make better decisions, saving me both time and money.. I would like to thank you for what I now call my Kettle Corn Bible. Worth every penny. (Randy B - Cranking Kettle Corn) .......visit our website for complete details..

Website Link: Click here for complete details on Start Your Own Kettle Corn Business.

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Start Your Own Kettle Corn Business

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