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Start a scuba diving business

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Start a scuba diving business

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Start a scuba diving business

How do a carpenter and his wife spend their vacations in the greatest dive resorts in the worl ...and get paid for it?

How did a mechanic from the grimy suburbs of North London get to the sparkling beaches and deep blue waters of the Cayman Islands?

Find out as we explore the diving business.

We'll even help you start a business of your own.

Simon, Fiona, William and Ruth are regular people like you and me. But, they've managed to escape from the trials of a mundane existence to a life filled with excitement and adventure.

They've left behind the gray cubicles...the stress of traffic and pollution filled commutes...and they've given up the 9-to-5, wage-slave mentality...they've found a better way.

If you have to make a living - and let's face it, most of us do - doesn't it make sense to do something that you love?

Diving the world famous Blue Holes off the coast of Belize. (With evenings spent on beaches so exotic and romantic that they are the preferred location for international fashion and calendar shoots)

Exploring the waters and beaches around Cuba for a major American hotel chain (and Cuba is just one of the locations that they are looking at).

How about an expenses paid trip to Cozumel to review a new line of dive gear...

...or, traveling through picturesque Brazilian fishing villages searching for a new dive location (by the way, make sure your driver has enough gas for the trip back!) imagine all this with somebody else, maybe even the taxman, paying.

Remember the Life You Promised Yourself?

Are you living the life you had planned on growing up? More likely you're working for a corporation that doesn't even know your name... and with downsizing you're doing the jobs of two or three people and being pressured to get more done in less time.

Maybe you've been there long enough to take a two-week vacation (if the workload allows, your boss seems to frown on people taking a whole two weeks off at one time)

It's a living, but is it a life?

You'd like to travel'd planned on traveling more...but, even then your salary only stretches so far and you have so many bills to pay...

...and when you get your 401k statement, it seems that you are actually further away from retirement!

You know there's more to life than went on a great dive talked to the Dive Master... but, you're afraid that you might never have the time or money to go back...

...there has to be a way!

Have you ever felt trapped in a life that wasn't yours? I did. And, I found a way out! .......visit our website for complete details..

Website Link: Click here for complete details on Start a scuba diving business.

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Start a scuba diving business

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