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Run a Successful Mailorder Business from Home

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Run a Successful Mailorder Business from Home

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Run a Successful Mailorder Business from Home

Proven method to run Home Based Business and generate an unlimited amount of Income, Work Part time, full time. Great Earn from Home Business Opportunity.

The Timeless Business Classic by George Haylings is Now Available for the First Time Ever for Immediate Download...

A Lifetime of Leisure:

Now Yours for the Asking!

Live life as a paid vacation with this proven roadmap to success!...

*Publisher's note: The original author and publisher of this business success blueprint, George Haylings is no longer with us, but his spirit lives on as he shares his incredible story about his unique mail order business. We have preserved his letter to you as he would have wished. The language and references are somewhat dated, but his personal money-making principles and success blueprint is more relevant than ever before. This system still works the way it did so well for him, to bring you both incredible income and a lifetime of leisure and fun!

"I am an unusual man with an unusual lifetime project...someone who has had a great influence on his customers over the years. I am not writing about working a - venture for a year or two...I am writing about a SUCCESS I have had for ALL OF MY LIFE! In this letter I want to tell you about a permanent life style and profits that I have had from the age of 20 to the age of 71. If you are interested in this kind of security ...for all of your remaining years, read on...

My Incredible Story

I am not going to tell you the same old story that most "plan" sellers tell. You know, the kind where there are bills piling up, the family is practically starving, the breadwinner has experienced his tenth layoff... BUT... the unfortunate one had a magic idea that changed all of this overnight! Well, I don't have that kind of sad story, with a surprise quick-rich ending.

True, I started out during the greatest depression this country has ever known, but things have gone well ever since! The intriguing, profitable, enjoyable venture stayed with me through my single, young, bachelor days, then into my married life, my family years, and finally my golden senior citizen years.

A lot of "plans" are humbug, sad to say. These deals sometime can make one a few dollars, or some profits for a short time, but they aren't LASTING. For me, it has been different. My LIFETIME experience has ALWAYS been profitable!

A Lifetime of Leisure

I can't offer a sorry tale for my start. I was too young to have such thoughts or woes. True, in the beginning I was living in a tent and on two bucks a week, but I was fairly happy, content with the outdoor California life.

I was young and not very worried about anything. I had no responsibilities. I was single. I got by and gradually eased myself out of the situation. Events followed. It was an easy change, even during the terrible depression. I was successful from the very start! Up until that time I had never had a job and my future would not include any bosses. I was nineteen, almost twenty, when I arrived in California.

Once I tested my idea I seemed to jump right into the project and stayed with it for the rest of my life. I don't have any unhappy tales of struggling, or any failures to recount. I was practically an inexperienced kid when I started and now I am doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING as a 71 year old senior citizen!

"I am a professor in the Pepperdine University School of Business and Management. I have often shared your publications with students when I discuss small business ventures... several of them have taken your ideas into profitable businesses."

-Richard Reirdan, Van Nuys, CA

I guess at this stage of the letter I don't have to tell you that my lifetime experience has been most unusual and most profitable... and probably the only instance of its kind in the world!

The Most Stable Business Opportunity Ever!

As an opportunity seeker, this success story can be of vital interest to you. I tested the format, the idea, a certain kind of mailorder, while living in a tent during the big depression. This is probably the only mailorder home operation in the world with such a lifetime experience for the same individual!

Humble Beginnings

At the start I didn't have any money. In fact I sold my car for $200 and lived on that $200 for two whole years. $1.50 for food and $.50 for the charging of my battery radio... per week. My education was average and naturally I didn't have much experience in anything. I was a depression kid, camping out.

This was way back in the early 1930's. No one was living in the Pacific Palisades (Calif.) in those days and this was the spot I picked for my camping-out experience. It was an abandoned subdivision then, with weed-filled streets. Yet it was really a kind of paradise, near the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Today, our President and many movie stars have found the place. In those days the only inhabitants were blocks of wild poppies, growing everywhere.

There I was, living in a tent. I had some ideas but no capital. But I did have an Aunt Emily in England, who was corresponding with me. She knew I was broke so she slipped in a few pound notes with a letter. The pound was worth $5 in those days.

My ideas revolved around an unusual enterprise. A test was necessary because it was mailorder. The pound notes were exchanged for dollars and financed the test ad. It was a success and eventually my parents lent me a few more bucks and I was off and running... for the rest of my life!

It was raining. It rained for three weeks. The tent was dark and lit in the daytime with a kerosene lantern. And here I gave birth to the plan that would give me homework for the rest of my life! I wrote it all down, had the brief test I mentioned.

Later, when I started in earnest, I jumped from the $2 a week to $100 a week...and right in the middle of the Depression! The average wage then in California was $25 a week. Wages were lower in California. Back east in Detroit even my Dad was only earning $40 a week as a skilled toolmaker at Packard Motors...and later he was unemployed for several years!

Achieve Your Financial Freedom

Most of this letter is going to be about my experiences with a lifetime, home operated, mailorder business. But let me pause here and tell you that we probably share a common interest. I have achieved complete financial freedom and permanent security throughout my entire life.

"I am enjoying the book tremendously, hypnotic reading that a person has to

keep on reading because it's so interesting, just can't seem to stop."

- Leon Misiolek, Costa Mesa, CA

YOU certainly want to have this kind of enviable happiness throughout your lifetime. And why shouldn't my experience be of great help to others... YOU, for instance, who are reading this letter. As you go through my story you will discover that it is quite possible that you can experience this unbelievable lifetime success! .......visit our website for complete details..

Website Link: Click here for complete details on Run a Successful Mailorder Business from Home.

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Run a Successful Mailorder Business from Home

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