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Money Making Restaurant Success Course

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Money Making Restaurant Success Course

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Money Making Restaurant Success Course

How to Generate More Revenue for Your Restaurant - Fast! The Amazing Secrets to Having Extra Free Time and a More Productive Staff. Discover How to Handle Stressful Situations and Win More Customers

Finally - it is Now Easy and Economical For You to Increase Profits, Have Exceptional Staff Performance and Take Time Off When You Want it.

Don't Wait Any Longer!

The Time is Now to Start Afresh. Create More Profits, Get Proactive, Take More Vacations and Be the Boss of Your Dreams!

And All on a Tight Budget

How to Make Money Running a Restaurant An Easy, Fast and Practical Managers' and Owners' Course Run a Popular and Triumphant Restaurant!

I was always working long hours and was very difficult to focus and keep out of stressful situation. The book did help me to set priority needed and how to do it. Now I make time for me and business is better, as result I have a much better life, without stress and I feel enthusiastic and inspired to do more. Thank you very much - Michele Caggianese - Restaurant Manger - Galvin at Windows Restaurant)

If you want the financial freedom to do the things you love, get the best out of your business and experience a much better lifestyle that is free of stressful situations - keep reading!

If you want to learn effective ways to retain good staff and make smart investments in your restaurant - this book is for you!

Are you enduring the following?

• Lack of free time for you to do the things you love?

• An unproductive staff that don't take ownership, don't perform at their best and don't show your restaurant and you proper respect?

• Slumping sales and skyrocketing costs?

• Fewer customers coming to your restaurant, which means less money in your pocket?

What you plan never gets done on time?

• A poor lifestyle that is impacting on your stress levels and quality of life?

• A loss in focus?

Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions above, please read on because what I am going to tell you will change your restaurant and your life.

It is very understandable; the thing is, you have been, and you continue to be a very successful restaurateur, but now you may feel a little stale, and need to get back to being your best.

In the past your priorities may have been just right, but now the industry is changing and it is time to move on. And it's time for you to get the skills to take control.

Just imagine for a moment having:

• More time to do the things you love.

• A more productive staff who respect you, take ownership and do their very best for you.

• Drastically increased sales and efficiency and lowered costs.

• More customers than you ever thought possible coming to your restaurant, which will increase the money in your pocket.

• The skills to do and achieve what you have planned - on time. A much better life - free of stressful situations The ability to recognize what is important

You can now have all the above!


Follow the EDER and P+R+F+M+P+T+S for Restaurant Success

People, Roles, Finance, Marketing, Planning, Time and Stress

Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips and techniques this course will teach you:

• Understanding people is the most important skill to enable you to get the best out of your business. You need to focus on others and not only yourself.

• Your team is the heart of your business. Make sure you are the leader of your team and not the other way around.

• You can learn leadership. Lead your team by example. Be honest, fair and persuasive.

• When recruiting, attitude is the key.

• Train your staff to have the right attitude and to become extraordinary employees. If you don't train your employees, they will leave.

• Briefings are crucial in ensuring a smooth and successful shift

• Know your business - master accountancy skills. Remember why you are in business - it is for the profits.

• The P&L is the most important statement for financial success. Keep up to date with your P&Ls and take the time to objectively analyze them.

• The money in the cash register is not yours until you have met all of your expenses.

• Understand your restaurant's demographics. Look at your competitors, and do it better.

• Your menu is not just a bunch of items you feel like putting together. It is an expression of what the market needs and wants.

• Be clear all the time. Reward your staff and they will do the same.

• Maintain strict control of maintenance and equipment care; you could pay a high price if maintenance is not done with precision.

• Do your marketing when you are busy - or it will be too late.

• Have a plan and a strategy that best works for your restaurant.

• The best advertising of all time is word of mouth. Create momentum.

• An article in the paper is very powerful. Investing in PR is rewording. Focus on building positive human relations.

• Look at external conditions.

• Selling, selling, selling makes guests happy and makes you money.

• Transform a complaint into a repeat guest.

• Focusing on encouraging regulars makes your restaurant make more money and makes your business easier to run.

• Seek out feedback.

• Work smarter during times of economic downturn.

• A plan is what most restaurant operators lack. Plan effectively and your restaurant will thrive.

• Do a SWOT analysis to improve your restaurant. Be honest.

• Have a clear statement of what your restaurant should be like.

• Changes are important, but implement them using the right process.

• Meet with your staff, however, remember the point of your meetings. Make decisions and follow-up actions as required.

• Plan, plan, plan...

• Remember the 80:20 Rule. It's your choice where to focus

• Set goals for yourself and the business using the SMART technique.

• Prioritize using the ABCD model. Remember what is important, not what is urgent.

• Do the most difficult task first, and then the rest will seem easy.

• The job you do is already stressful in itself because of the long hours and its chaotic nature. However, if you handle it well, you will be on top. Do not allow yourself to practice destructive habits.

• Your fight or flight response can be controlled. Think positive and see yourself as being calmer.

• If you focus on the problem's cause, you are more likely find the best solution.

• Don't stop learning and learn from the best.

• Each member of staff has to have a specific role and responsibility in order to be successful.

• First impressions stick. Make them count! .......visit our website for complete details..

Website Link: Click here for complete details on Money Making Restaurant Success Course.

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Money Making Restaurant Success Course

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18-12-10 - Online Money Making Way

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