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Make Millions Writing Movies

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Make Millions Writing Movies

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Make Millions Writing Movies

How to Get Rich Writing Screenplays

Top Secret Report - Give Me 5 Minutes and I'll Show You How You Can Write a Full-Length Screenplay in Under 30 Days, AND... Have It Sold in Under 60 Days!"


The Average Working Screenwriter Makes $350,000 Per Year! Good Writers Make MILLIONS Each Year!


Anyone Can Easily Make MILLIONS a Year...

Even Just for Your Good Story Ideas and Without Writing a Full-Length Screenplay!


Any Screenwriter That Didn't Make At Least $350,000 Last Year Has Sold Himself (or Herself) SHORT!

• Become a highly paid screenwriter or story "pitcher"

• Write a full-length screenplay in 30 days or less

• Become a sought-after Hollywood writer in 12 months or less

• Make six- or seven-figures for each script or movie idea

Dear Hollywood Writer,

• Imagine being able to live anywhere in the world while raking in millions of dollars every year for your super hot story ideas and scripts...

• Imagine having top Hollywood producers and directors hounding you and beating a path to your door just to get a hint of your next hottest blockbuster film idea...

• Imagine being talked about as the best of the best among the ranks of other screenwriting and film legends like Joe Eszterhas or Oliver Stone...

Is this an impossible dream?

It's much easier than you think!

How You Can Have a Highly - Paid, Glamorous Career

As Hollywood Screenwriter!

Listen, I'm sure you have every screenwriting book, magazine, manual, course, whatever out there and you're probably wondering..."How the hell is she going to help me...? What is she going to tell me that's different...?"

The truth is, most of the REAL secrets of breaking into Hollywood have NEVER been revealed in a book, course, video, or at a seminar.


Because people who write the books don't have a successful screenwriting career themselves. People who speak on the screenwriting DVDs have never sold a screenplay. People who speak at seminars haven't made a screenwriting sale and they make their money at seminars and not as screenwriters!

And that's why no one has ever revealed the TRUTH about how to REALLY break into Hollywood as a successful screenwriter.

No one has told you HOW to write screenplays that sell, HOW to present story concepts that studio executives will buy, and HOW to build a long-term, highly successful career as a Hollywood Screenwriter!

But I will reveal the REAL SECRETS to you because I am a successful Hollywood screenwriter!

I'm going to reveal to you how to...

• Make money as a screenwriter without actually "writing" anything (if you don't want to be a "writer")...

• Write a full-length screenplay in 30 days or less using the "movie reel method"...

• Develop a killer movie concept that will have producers and studio executives SALIVATING at the mouth...

• Master basic movie "marketing" so you'll never pitch or come up with a loser script idea ever again...

• Get your high-concept screenplay read instantly by any top Hollywood agent or studio executive...

• Become "known" in Hollywood as the next up-and-coming HOT NEW SCREENWRITER...

• Get bidding wars over your scripts and have studios fighing over the development of your movie ideas...

• Become a master "pitcher" and make seven-figures per year just pitching movie ideas and never writing a single word...

• Discover and use the REAL secrets behind breaking in that NO ONE ever talks about...

My name is Moni Share. I have worked in the production side of Hollywood for over 17 years. When I was in my late teens I took a job as a script reader for a production company called 21st Century Film Corp. (formerly Cannon Films).

You may be familiar with their work. They did all the Charles Bronson and Chuck Norris films. Yes, they were considered a "B-rate" film company.

I worked for them for many years and did the grueling work reading all the bottom-of-the-barrel scripts that came in. I read well over 3,000 scripts for them and perhaps only 6 out of 3,000 were worth making into a movie. At that time, I was only mildly interested in pursuing a screenwriting career.

Later, I worked for a couple of other production companies doing freelance script reading then later took a position in a mainstream Hollywood agency doing the same thing but, by then, I had already reached script reading BURN OUT!

After reading scripts for more than a dozen years, I found myself burned out but extremely educated on what Hollywood was looking for, what "talent" was out there, and what it took to write and produce a successful, highly profitable film.

Here's what I discovered after my many years of reading scripts: 99.9% of the script submissions out there are complete garbage! People don't have a clue about structure, plot, story, characters, or anything marketable. People had no idea what would make a good film!

And this is an EXCITING FACT!


Because there is almost NO COMPETITION OUT THERE for you to worry about if you can come up with a decent movie idea or script!

I realized another startling fact: If you have the basic elements of a good movie concept with the basic elements of screenplay structure, that's all it would take to write a blockbuster film.

In the second half of my nearly 2 decades working in Hollywood, I was sort of thrown into helping to develop the careers of those who wanted to break into the industry but didn't know how. I began counseling and directing people to the right path of both movie concepts and basic screenplay structure.

Because I had worked for so long as a script reader and I had gotten to know some of the aspiring screenwriters looking to break into the business, I found myself being "sought-after," if you want to go that far. They wanted me to make notes throughout their scripts about what was wrong and what they could change to finally "break in" to Hollywood.

Over the last several years I have worked with many screenwriters who have gone on to sell their work to Warner Bros., Universal, MGM, Lions Gate, 20th Century, Miramax, Dream Works and Disney for five- six- and seven-figure payouts.

And recently, I have worked with a handful of people who each have had Hollywood success in different ways.

• One started off on a path to become a screenwriter and ended up discovering her true calling as a Hollywood age .......visit our website for complete details..

Website Link: Click here for complete details on Make Millions Writing Movies.

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Make Millions Writing Movies

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