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Jewellery Polishing Kit 6" x 2 Section with 1/2HP Bench Grinder/polisher

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Jewellery Polishing Kit 6" x 2 Section with 1/2HP Bench Grinder/polisher

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A multi purpose jewellery polishing kit with a 1/2HP 150mm bench grinder/polisher, having an extensive array of polishing applications. with a set of 6" x 2 Section polishing mops

Bench grinder/polisher

A 150mm Bench Grinder. Ideal for use as a grinder and easily converted to a polisher using 1/2" spindle adaptors.

6" 1/2hp



Spindle Adaptors

1/2" (12.5mm) pair of Spindle Adapter For 6" Bench Grinder. For 6" bench grinders or polishing machines with a 12.5mm, 1/2" shaft diameter. The adaptor slides onto the existing bench grinder shaft and is secured by a grub screw. IMPORTANT: Please check the shaft size of your machine before you place your order. Specifications: Internal Bore=1/2" 12.7mm Length total =125mm Length of taper = 55mm Diameter of body = 20mm Taper 5mm to 20mm Please Note: From a front position (the position you operate the machine from)

1 x 40 x 40cm Blue Microfibre

Polishing Wheels:

1 x 6" x 2 Section Sisal Polishing Wheel. For cutting.

1 x 6" x 2 Section Colour stitch Polishing Wheel. Can be used for cutting and polishing.

1 x 6" x 2 Section "B" loose flap Polishing Wheel. For polishing and buffing to a high finish.

1 x 6" x 2 Section White Stitch Polishing Wheel for minimal cutting and high finish.

1 x 6" x 2 Section Swansdown Polishing Wheel for the ultimate finish.

A set of 3 jewellery polishing cloths blue, white and yellow, ideal for keeping your jewelery looking new. Safely cleans gold, silver, brass, copper, jewelry, flatware, hardwood, and many other surfaces. Also perfect for cleaning your spectacles.

3 x 160mm x 160mm Jewellery Polishing Cloths.


Red Rouge

A 120gram precious metal and jewellery cutter compound. RED ROUGE is a finishing compound for soft metals only. With a brightness approaching that of BLUE HUBBLE it is a cheaper alternative for soft metals such as copper, brass, silver and gold. Use on a very soft cotton buff.

Green Finish

A 120gram precious metal and jewelery polish. GREEN FINISH quickly removes scratches produced by cutting compounds such as Tripoli with acceptable brightness. Suitable for all metals. Use on a soft cotton buff.

Blue Hubble

A 120gram precious metal and jewellery polish. Excellent for extreme brightness, low metal removal, BLUE HUBBLE. To appreciate the brightness please observe its effect on a flat surface and polish with a very soft cotton buff, not contaminated with other polishes. No scratches will be observable. Although of low cut, BLUE HUBBLE performs equally well on hard and soft metals and plastic. For plastic and titanium, use low revolutions or small buff diameter to avoid overheating.

Grey Cutter A 120gram precious metal and jewelery cutter compound. GREY CUTTER removes surface imperfections without producing deep scratches. Brightness may be acceptable in many cases. To improve brightness, finish off with any of the above finishing compounds. Use on a firm stitched cotton buff. Suitable for all metals. Silvo

250ml SILVO Silver Polish, Long Lasting. Suitable for Silver, Gold, Aluminium, Chrome and Electroplate Vienna Lime Cleaning Powder Or Whiting Powder

Excellent for use with our polishing kits.

Use this after you have finished polishing to remove grease and compound residues after polishing. Apply it to a clean lint free cloth and wipe where you've been polishing. Please note that Vienna Lime is not an actual lime powder but a pure form of super fine calcium carbonate (chalk).

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Jewellery Polishing Kit

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1.  Jewellery Polishing Kit 6" x 2 Section with 1/2HP Bench Grinder/polisher

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1.  Jewellery Polishing Kit 6" x 2 Section with 1/2HP Bench Grinder/polisher




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