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Home Based Profitable Advertising Business

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Home Based Profitable Advertising Business

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Home Based Profitable Advertising Business

FunFacts News - Local Advertising Business

Join a successful organization and obtain a job of a lifetime.

I started many businesses, worked for large corporations in executive positions, and have been president of a franchise corporation. What I have found to be the best business that prospers in good and bad economies - is the advertising business. Not just any old kind of advertising business, but the kind that is a small publication and contains interesting stories and lots of advertising. So, that's what I have done for the past 20 years. Created local publications.

You can join FunFacts News as a local Branch Sales Manager and be success, without spending any money. And, you can learn to use our special techniques that provide growing income throughout your career, regardless of the economic conditions.

Branch Sales Managers Wanted.

Become a Branch Sales Manager in your local area. This job is available to anybody who can go through our free training, visit local businesses, pass our brochures, and answer their questions. You can earn $50,000 to $75,000 per year as a local Branch Sales manager. And, you can double your income to over $100,000 per year as a Local Partner. Join Today.

If you are looking for a good job and seriously want to work and earn money - you can start earning over $50,000 your first year.

We provide everything free.

The FunFacts News provides everything you need. The FunFacts News "business model" has been improved so much throughout the years, that anybody can be successful as a local Branch Sales Manager.

That's right. We help you get started in business - and we never stop helping you. We are your Partner and provide continuous help with every aspect of your local FunFacts News operation. There is no other business exactly like the FunFacts News.

Earn $50,000 to $75,000 as Local Branch Sales Manager

Receive all the help and supporting services from experts, free. We are leading experts in this field of local publishing and advertising. Every aspect you ever wanted to know, from printing, graphic design, sales, marketing, training, to business setup, operation, and even taxes. We are the experts.

Training that you need. You receive free OJT Training that provides practical methods and techniques to promoting, marketing, and selling advertising to local businesses.

You can also attend our Special Training Class that is designed for the beginner who wants to get a fast start.

I'm Broke.

I need a good permanent job that pays well and provides a good future.

Our "Proprietary Sales System." What makes us so different is our unique method of marketing and sales that our Local Branch Sales Manager can use. Basically, all you have to do is pass out the marketing literature to local businesses, answer their questions, and take orders for advertising in the local FunFacts News.

You do not spend your own money. You can own the publication that sells the advertising, which makes this the best business to be in. Traditionally, the advertiser pays in full prior to the publication date. In fact, they usually pay at the time they place their order for advertising.

In all the local publications that I owned, I have always used the customers money to start and operate every publication. We teach you how you can do the same. You should never spend your own money.

Advertisers pay you. We have organized your local FunFacts News business operation so the advertisers pay you. This enables you to use their money for all of your expenses.

What makes a successful business. Basically, 3 parts: You, the business, and the overall business environment. The business should be something that you like. This results in more interest and dedication on your part. The more that the business model is a proven success, the more successful you will be.

For example, franchises are more successful than most business startups. The FunFacts News has been set up just like a franchise. The main difference is that we provide much more help, training, and support services than any franchise could ever furnish. And, we do not charge a royalty fee.

Become a Local Branch Sales Manager

Read more in our Book "FunFacts News - Free Home Based Business For You"

Become a Local Partner - Free. When you join the FunFacts News as a local Branch Sales Manager, you can become a local partner when you become familiar with the business. You can than receive a second Territory free, if available, and double your income as a local Partner.

Outsource your sales operation. We recommend that as you grow or you want to work semi-retired, that you hire a salesperson as an independent contractor. Our experience has shown that they produce more sales and are more reliable.

The secret of success. Being successful is not difficult. It only requires you to utilize the right technique or methods. We have spend over 20 years developing our simple, yet very successful, system of selling advertising to local businesses. You can join FunFacts News and enjoy the success as a local Branch Sales Manager.

How to get started. Here's the procedure:

(1) Click Here to fill out the Application at,

(2) Our representative will phone you to answer your questions and help you get started.

There is no cost to join the FunFacts News and become a Local Branch Sales Manager.

Get other people to help you - free. When starting a business there are certain things you need to do in order for you to be successful. The most important is help and assistance with your business.

When you join the FunFacts News, we provide very extensive startup help and assistance, including instructions, marketing, sales literature, and personal advise for every aspect of the business.

And, we help you on a continuing basis, much as an experienced business partner would help you. This includes every aspect of your business.

Obtain profit - fast. Years ago when we started the first local publication for our own benefit, we designed it to produce maximum profits. Since we owned our own printing presses and we printed every issue of the publication, we had every advantage to develop good cost-saving methods.

Since that time, we have further refined our cost-saving methods - and pass these saving methods on to you.

Outsource the technical stuff. Advertisements in the FunFacts News consist of Display Advertisements (graphics and text). You can do the design, or you an farm it out to a friend. Or, we can do the design for you.

Anybody can be successful. When you join the FunFacts News, the most important thing that determines your success is your dedication and drive. We provide the training, proven business system, marketing and sales literature, and all the help you need. The "system" works. The only people who have failed, are those people that choose to not use our marketing "system."

Your success can be guaranteed. Yes, we will guarantee your success. For example: If you follow the techniques you learn during your training - and offer our special free advertising service (full page advertisement for 3 months) to EVERY business in in your Territory and answer their questions - I guarantee that you will obtain orders for advertising and be very successful.

Anybody can do this.


Yet, not one person of the hundreds that I have trained has ever done such a thing. In comparison, if this same opportunity was offered to a person during the Great Depression, hundreds of "out of work people" would be standing in line for this opportunity. And, you know that every person would be happy to visit every business in their Territory.

So, give it a try, If you do this simple thing and pass out the marketing literature to every business in your territory, I guarantee that you will be successful. Of course, you have to follow the instructions you learned during your training.

Use a "system" that works. Whatever business you start, your chance of success is greatly improved when you use a business system that is already successful. If you do not use a proven successful business system, most of your time, effort, and costs will be devoted to solving problems and creating your own business system.

Build your future. With FunFacts News, you can build your future. .......visit our website for complete details..

Website Link: Click here for complete details on Home Based Profitable Advertising Business.

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Home Based Profitable Advertising Business

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